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Connoisseur of Life

My sacred mission is to be a connoisseur of life
And I don’t mean possessing the finest of things
But rather simply living it right
Owning my light. Shining it bright
See I don’t know how much time I have on this tour
But I know I’ll make it more than just acquiring objects or getting somewhere
So each day I train my mind to become more aware not just of its thoughts
But of the presence of love that rents space in my heart
That ever present reminder that we are never apart
Always connected, as one, the very same light that lights up the sun
Dawns within the essence of each & everyone one of us
So lets put faith in eachother & cultivate trust
For the goodness that abides & the compassion that resides in this sacred tribe
And I don’t know about you but I know for me this life is a gift
And my dharma on this trip is to use it to uplift
So lets heal that rift that exists within ourselves so we can unite as sisters & brothers, as friends as lovers, as fathers & mothers.
To be a connoisseur of life means to release the strife
To pass through the dark night & upgrade into the most luminous light
See this is our potential made manifest, so blessed to be given this time to heal to learn to nurture to See that the spark of the infinite resides within me.


Soul Purpose

I woke up today rested with a smile
So blessed I am, its been there awhile
Not just a day, week, month or a year
Been 9 plus now
Since I shed that first happy tear
I’ll never forget that very first sight of those shiny blue eyes
When I looked at your Mom & said lets name him Kai
And I knew in that moment my soul purpose in life
Was to be your father, your friend & your guide
Words are an insufficient medium to express
The way that my heart pounds in my chest
Simply by thinking of you my lips curl into a smile
There is nothing more sacred than raising a child
biased? Yes, yeah maybe that’s true
But you should know how I feel about you
I believe you are special, one of a kind
Your heart full of light and a brilliant mind
Not just concerned for yourself but for others
And perhaps you shine brightest at being a big brother
It’s my life’s greatest honor to serve as your dad
There’s no greater joy than to share what we have
A bond of love I never knew actually existed
Until the day you were born I could have only wished it to be true
And the reality far exceeds the dreams I held for you
Know that you have the power to do anything in this life
And whatever you choose, I’ll be right by your side
Cheering you on with all my love & support till the very end
You are more than my son. You are my very best friend.

The Deepest Part of Me is We

You see, For as long as I can remember
I’ve been on this journey of surrender
Light seeking, truth speaking
And it’s taken so many different turns
There were times I got burned
Times I felt so weak and my future so bleak
I couldn’t see I was just earning my stripes
In those darkest of nights
Stretching my soul – expansion & growth
Now I’m working on clearing this karma
Manifesting my dharma Here on this earth
Each moment is birth When Spirit breathes into me
And the words flow so free
Endless ideas spawn creativity
From the source we pulse
Impulse to awaken
Now we can’t be shaken
Unbound essence is found all around
It’s not bound to a church, temple, yoga mat, holy scripture or a book
The sacred dwells in the wells of ALL the places we look
So I see me in you
The sublime tattoo
inscribed on your heart
We could never be apart
An intertwined tapestry of matter & spirit
I KNOW you can feel it
Owning your bigness isn’t a problem unless your denying mine
See, Together we shine.
So inspire the desire to keep taking it higher
Pay homage to the rishis, the saints, shamans and sages
Now its our turn to propel these teachings through the ages
Take the torch, hold it high
Be yourself, light the sky
There is nothing to contrive
In togetherness we thrive

A Fresh New Start

A fresh new start, a brand new lease
I breathe in light, exhale I release
This peace, it fills my heart
Now I’m ready to start
Letting go of the past & the story I hold
I step into the bold
I speak my truth & I feel so free
Abundant energy showers on me
Raining down light all over this place
I look in your eyes & I see the one
The blessing, the gift shines like the sun
its in you, its in me, its in everyone
We are conditioned to think its exclusive
That true joy is elusive and preserved for the precious few
Not me or you
So we self define with a lack based mind simply trying to find that moment of light
But once we taste it we cling too tight in fear of losing it once more
So we must train our minds again & again to open the door
To not ignore that the light is not a thing to possess
But the intrinsic essence that beats in your chest
Now rest. Now rest
Inhale receive. Exhale release
Open to joy. Open to peace.
Remember Love is patient. Love is kind.
Open your mind. Fill up your heart.
A brand new lease.
A fresh new start.

Earth School

To the poets, the artists, the light workers, the seekers
To the healers, the leaders, the students & teachers
We do our thing all in each day
With open minds & full hearts
so we may freely display the truth of this day
And yes there is violence, greed, hatred & sorrow
But these are habits that have been learned
They are not predictions of our tomorrow
So Hello everybody & welcome to this moment right now
Lets drop the illusion of a separate you & me
Caught in the confusion of a mistaken identity
When in truth who we are is not bound
It cannot be found
In our past or a future fantasy
But only in this moment, are you innately free
Yes I’m talking about this one right now
Now I can see the tendency present in you & me
To misperceive & conceive in the mistaken belief that living in the now is a destination to achieve.
planning to live in the “now” is like trying to let go
That’s just not the way it works ya know
So please take this moment right now to be free
Yes this one’s on me
You see I feel immensely inspired
To keep taking it higher
And when I arrive at that deepest root, the dissolution of all fear.
I can see so clear. One seed branching out into an exponentially infinite sea blossoming outwards from the pure empty.
Taking form as endlessly varied waves of brilliant diversity.
We are formlessness given rise, but we got lost in the guise that we are disconnected parts. When in truth we are intertwined right through our hearts. The sacred teachings say this mistaken belief is the root of all grief. If you’d like to dive deeper see Ram’s love for Sita or pick up The Gita.
When we believe we are separate our foundation is lack. And if the premise is mistaken then we will continue to carry the heavy backpack of a make believe
past. BUT if we instead decide not to hide in the cloak of the separate I
We can taste divine grace flowing effortlessly through this space for there is nothing to chase, make no mistake: it’s your birthright to shine bright at this very moment on this very day. So my heart bows to yours as we dance this divine play. Namaste.