I love to write. I’ve created this site as a place to gather my writings be they blogs, poetry or random inspirations from my path as a yogi. For me, writing is therapy. Writing is creative, healing and the way I process my life. Time disappears when I’m writing. It’s actually a very intimate practice but yet something compels me to share it. I believe it’s because I want to connect to the world in a meaningful way. I want to experience authentic relationships and inspiring conversations. So please feel free to post comments with your own thoughts and feelings about any of these posts. I’m not invested in having anyone agree or disagree with what I write but am definitely interested in sparking a powerful dialogue. But if you’d rather just read & contemplate within yourself that’s cool too. Either way, thanks for visiting & I hope you enjoy…. ॐ



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  • Dan

    Hey Scott!
    Found your blog randomly via facebook and wanted to express sincere gratitude for sharing your writings. I’ve been out in Denver now for just over a year and although I don’t miss the humid summers in South Fla., the beautiful peps at Kula, and practicing yoga there will always be a highlight that I hope to return to someday (as a “snowbird” ;-))..

    I don’t believe in coincidences – I think synchronicity is a more descriptive adjective but just yesterday I was reading blogs about sobriety from alcohol and started to think that blogging would be really cool! I also love to read and write and am amazed at what we have now at our fingertips from which to share, express, and grow with people and ideas.

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