Transparency: Week 3 2015

OK 2015- week one was equanimity. Week two, resiliency. As week three begins, I’ve been consumed by the notion of transparency. This is one of the most beautiful qualities I witness in people.

To me, transparency is raw. It’s courageous and it’s real. It’s that intangible sense of personal character. And it’s also pretty damn rare. So when I sense it, it’s like a breath of fresh, crisp air. It restores my hope in humanity. And it’s not about being perfect. It’s just about being authentic. It’s become so commonplace for us to wear a mask and portray that idealized self image to the world. We do it through social media, carefully crafting our image to the external world. Hoping that if I tell you that this is who I am then you’ll see me that way and in return help me to uphold that image of myself. It’s all flowing backwards.

We can also fall into the trap of wearing our roles. As if they are the basis of who we are. I’ve been attempting my own social experiment for awhile now and it’s been so amazing. The idea is to remove people from their roles. It’s simple. Anyone can do it. Next time you are in a situation where someone is speaking to you from their role (e.g. customer service rep, cashier, secretary, salesman, teacher etc….), instead of playing your role in return, actually speak to the human being that is behind their job title. Actually experience a real human to human interaction. It’s so inspiring. It almost always leaves me infused with positive energy and a deeper sense of connection to my human tribe.

Transparency is sincere, refreshing and honest. But it’s also something else. It’s courageous. It means we have the balls to speak from a place that’s true to where we are in any given moment. It’s the opposite of the mundane, bullshit exchange of, “How are you? Good, how are you?” It’s like we are sleep talking.

Transparency requires us to be present with our internal state and not veil it with a better looking, micro-managed false exterior. This is about getting real with ourselves and being secure enough to get real with eachother. Because the truth is that none of us are perfect. None of us are always happy, always peaceful, always centered. We are human beings. Our lives get messy. We feel deep hurt, sadness, guilt and anger. And that is o.k.!

And I promise you this: If you truly commit yourself to the practice of transparency, you’ll discover perhaps its most magical side effect- it is contagious. It will inspire those around you to remove their mask and speak from a place of truth. And then we will connect at a deeper level with one another and reflect back to eachother something that may not always be a highlight reel, but it will indeed always be real. And that, I believe, is the very basis of a life lived well. A life lived in truth. A life lived powerfully.

To living transparently…..


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