Opening Presence

I am taking this time in my life to manifest presence. The power of presence transcends intellectual knowledge. It is a felt sense of strength that radiates love to all of existence. It is the overflowing of compassion, the radiating of light. It is beyond attachments and aversions to the coming and going of circumstance. It is rooted in source. It embodies integrity and uplifts all who surround. It is potential manifest and a calm self assurance. It does not strive or force. Rather it moves with the flow of life. It abides behind the change yet plays joyfully within it. It heals all it touches and sees each moment with new eyes. It holds the curiosity of a child and a subtle eagerness to receive the great mystery with open arms. It owns it bigness without trepidation or apology. It inspires others to do the same. It need not be sought after because it is nothing other than who I already am- Who each of us already are.


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