Humility: Week 4 2015

Week 4: Humility
When I think about the people I admire & who inspire me, they all tend to share a common virtue: humility. They carry a humble presence with them in their interactions. And while it seems gentle, it doesn’t seem weak. Rather, it seems wise. It puts me at ease and makes me feel welcome in their presence. There is a certain warmth to the spirit of humility that diminishes the ego’s tendency to proclaim any sense of spiritual superiority.

Living in the yogasphere is an interesting place to reside. For the most part it is amply supplied with positivity, love, inquiry & inspiration. But I do sometimes feel that tinge of the spiritual ego. That sense of, “I’m more awake than you.”

My guess is we’ve all encountered this in one form or another. Perhaps we’ve even heard that voice arise within ourselves. That “my path is the real path” voice. And it’s true that your path is the real path. For you. And mine for me.

We are all right where we need to be to learn the lessons we are ready to receive. Knowing this removes the unconscious tendency to feel more than or better than someone else- a thought pattern that ironically could only be produced by the ego. My wish for each of us is that we find grace in our challenges and be humble in our progress. Otherwise we run the risk of simply creating a new, separate self identity- the same underlying ways of being just adorned in a more “spiritual”

We can dismantle this tendency by cultivating humility so that we may move forward with a humble heart, truly connected in the ground of spirit. Where we are all equal. For there is no hierarchy in humility.


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